Accounting services

We are an accounting company, and our work is to provide quality financial and accounting services to businesses.

Accounting services for any company.

Accounting services and providing them – that is what we can; we are a team of accountants with a work experience of over ten years with companies in various areas: construction, trade, management and renovation of real properties, retail, EU project accounting, IT, and the provision of various services. We assume complete responsibility for the correctness and accuracy of your accounting and the delivery of works in due time, and we guarantee that your information remains confidential and secure. In communication with you we will inform you about the trends of your business. The major aim of our work is orderly and clear accounting and accounting services that are performed in accordance with the legislation of Latvia and international accounting standards.

Advantages for your company from outsourcing accounting services:

  • fewer salaried employees (lower tax burden);
  • lower maintenance costs (no work place in office, no need to pay for sick leaves, vacations, employee training and qualification raising);
  • professional services;
  • computerised accounting with licenced accounting software (no need to maintain own software);
  • no need to take care of data storing and security;
  • latest developments in legislation;
  • representation at the State Revenue Service etc.

By not employing a permanent accountant, your company can save accounting costs in this way increasing its profitability:

  • no need to provide your accountant with computer hardware;
  • if paying for outsourced accounting services, you have the right to deduct the value added tax as the input tax;
  • accounting services are provided on a regular basis, and they are not affected if the accountant changes or is on a vacation.

Accounting services

We perform the accounting of all daily accounting operations in accordance with the legislation of Latvia:

    • Developing the accounting policy;
    • Checking, entering and making primary documents (made and received invoices, receipts);
    • Accounting banking operations;
    • Accounting cash department operations;
    • Calculating salaries;
    • Accounting fixed assets;
    • Preparing and submitting relevant accounts and reports;
    • Calculating taxes, preparing tax reports and declarations and submitting them to the respective state authorities;
    • Accounting and controlling accounts receivable and accounts payable;
    • Inventories of material assets;
    • Making reports to the company’s management;
    • Renewing accounting for previous periods;
    • Cooperating with auditors.

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